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Bathroom Vanity Mirrors

Click on the image of any of these beautiful Bathroom Vanity Mirrors to see our range.
Choose  either wall mounted or pedestal type magnifying mirrors, some with lights, others not, its your wonderful choice to browse through and see which one would fit your purpose.

Myhealthandbeauty is an Australian company so your purchasing or help requirements will be so much easier to deal with.

A magnifying mirror will make your life easier when it comes to putting on makeup, getting those eyelashes just right or even inserting your contact lenses

Large mirrors for your bathroom, portable mirrors you can move around the house if the lights not good in your bathroom. All designed to make your life easier.

Our wall mounted bathroom vanity mirrors are ideal when space is a premium. Its easy to have them fold flat back against the wall.

Subtle magnification right through to 10 times magnifying mirrors there is sure to be something there that will fit your purpose.

Choose for a gift or solve your makeup problem because you have glasses even have fun with hubby who will use it just click on any image for details