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Vanity Lighted Magnifying Mirror

Posted by Debra on 20 September 2012

Hi everyone once again its Debra again.

It’s hard to imagine mirrors have been in use in one form or another for thousands of years, at first it was just a pool of water, then a piece of polished stone or metal, thankfully today’s mirrors are really clear and very helpful when using a magnifying type of mirror.

Although mirrors are more associated with women, men will use a magnifying mirror also and not just through being conscious of their appearance. There are many good reasons to have a lighted magnifying mirror in your home such as the NGLED410.

Let me explain some of those reasons and why I suggested what basically is the best mirror in our range.
Many people need glasses these days, and with age, the problems only get worse.

Like myself I   suffer from ophthalmic eye issues. The NGLED410 is a 10 times magnifying lighted mirror, it has a clean clear white LED light which is excellent when needing to clean excess oils from the glands in the eyelids. That’s something you need to be very careful with on a daily basis and it’s so easy to damage an eye. The same goes when there is an eyelash that that gets lodged partially in the eyelid.
A 10 times magnifying mirror of this quality can help you see clearly to attend to any issues one might have in this area of personal health. Your normal mirror or one with a lesser magnification will not be good enough for a person with any eye health issues.

Aside from eye health conditions just putting eye liner on or inserting contact lenses in correctly when using this 10x mirror becomes very easy. If you’re a man and you use this mirror to shave with, then I can guarantee you will never miss a stray whisker.

Finally the NGLED410 vanity lighted magnifying mirror is very elegant to look at with the satin nickel finish. It fits right in with any kind of décor, and will certainly stand out as the feature in your bathroom.  Its practicalities are excellent being double sided mirror meaning 10x and 1x normal magnification on the reverse side.
The best part being it’s portable and has duel power arrangement meaning it can be used with just 4 “C” size cell batteries which means you can walk from room to room in your house if needed or just plug it into a power point.

The LED halo light with halo meaning the outer rim of the mirror throws a nice gentle glow on your face really giving you the best benefit as many bathrooms do not have great lighting. All those shadows and strange colors disappear when you use a mirror like this one. This magnifying mirror is halo lighted on both sides.
Just another idea for Christmas I will cover many more over the coming weeks.

In the mean time SMILE  : ) and have a great week


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Stress Management or Relaxation Technique ?

Posted by Debra on 13 September 2012

Hello its Debra again
I thought today seeing Christmas is bearing down on us fast to introduce to one of our personal care items from Zadro the Eye and Temple Massager. It does seem these days that    many of us are looking for a new relaxation technique or a stress management action you can take that can be done at home and be effective.

 Does your man or even you come home some nights in a frazzle- the traffic was bad, it was a hard at the office, bad day with the kids? It’s a gift with a difference and has only just come onto the market in the US. Imagine sitting back in your favourite chair at night after a hard day, reach out and put the comfortable mask on, plug in the earphones and you immediately go into a more relaxed mode and another world.
The mask comes with a remote control for you to select the most comforting level of micro vibrations, heat level, and air pressure for what could be termed a facial massage but really focuses on the eye and temple region. Select one of the soothing sound tracks sit back and you will feel the stress just melt away.

A lot of what we perceive in the world is taken in through our eyes and ears, to be able put a mask on and hear the sounds through the earphones just feels brilliant. Blocking out the world and dropping into a deeper level of relaxation with the eye and temple massager is a wonderful tonic.

Well that’s my gift with a difference idea this week; keep it in mind when Christmas comes.

In the mean time smile and have a great week.


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Magnified Mirrors with Lights

Posted by Debra on 29 August 2012

 Hi everybody Debra again have had a great week?
This week I wanted to cover some points related to magnifying mirrors with lights.
Enquiries have come in about how bright they are and can a bigger globe be put in to make it brighter. This happens in around one in a hundred sales meaning    it’s important to cover this issue.

The level of light that these halo style – halo meaning the lighting comes from around the edge of the mirror is set by the manufacturer to give the most natural look to your face when using the mirror.

The HL7 and 8 models use a 15 watt globe which does not seem much however in the reflective interior of the mirror it comes out at just the right level.

Having the halo lighting excessively bright will not allow you to get the natural look leading you to  over compensate with makeup to get the right look. End result is your makeup is not what you expect. Likely you finish with some funny looks from others.

Some requests were to put bigger globes in the halo mirrors and they had to turn all the bathroom lights on and it was still not bright enough. That’s more likely and eyesight issue than the mirror lighting level.

The LED power saving halo lighted mirrors has a cold light made up from dozens of small bulbs which give off a stark bluish white color. They are usually brighter than the standard warm white globe models whic hare much friendlier to your face in looks.

This group of mirror HL7C, HL7G, HL75C, HL8 are all halo light magnifying mirrors with a friendly warm white globe.

There are just two in the LED group NGLED410 and the NGLED45 which have halo lighting and use the stark bluish white smaller energy efficient globes to light up your face. 

I hope that information is of use to you.

In the mean time smile and have a great week


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Magnifying Mirrors update Information

Posted by Debbie on 15 August 2012

Hi Everyone Its Debbie back again. It’s been a very busy couple of weeks with looking through new lines we want to introduce to you as they come into stock. More on  that later although I must say our Baby bottle Nipple sanitizer would be the only one of its kind in Australia. They were introduced in the US just 7 months ago. Small and portable it’s been very popular for when your out with baby and some of those public places are just not quite clean enough particularly if a dummy hits the ground.

We receive questions regarding which magnification would be best for somebody in particular. Most of these questions arise from somebody considering a 10x magnifying mirror. In order to use this mirror properly the optimum distance your face should be from the mirror is 4inches or 10cm away. Some customers have said the mirror is to blurry. It’s just that they are not close enough to the mirror.

Have had some husbands thinking they are doing the right thing only to find their partner does need anywhere near that magnification. If your eyesight is very poor when you take your glasses off then this is the mirror for you. As a general guide line and you’re just starting out with a magnifying mirror then choose the 3 or 5 times magnification and you won’t be disappointed. The only other consideration you need is the lighting in your bathroom of a good standard? This will then get you thinking do you need a lighted magnifying mirror or one without lights.

Our Pinterest site is still happening, the moment its ready I will let you know.

In the meantime remember to smile and we hope you all have a great week.







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Fantastic New Bathroom Vanity Mirror

Posted by Debra on 19 July 2012

Magnifying mirror

Hello everyone its Debra here with our latest post on what’s happening here at My Health and Beauty.

Last week I promised some details on one of our mirrors that is a little different than most that are available. However first I wanted to advise you we have added another mirror to our range and I personally think it’s the highest quality mirror we have in the range. It’s the JK48 vanity mirror by Zadro with a large 18cm or 7 inch double sided mirror.

Best of all its 8X which has proven to be just that perfect magnification that’s not too big or too small to sit on your bathroom vanity.

 Check out this excellent magnifying mirror on this link. Also today the Zadro patented ZSP2 mirror cleaning solution was added to the site. The bonus with this product it helps your mirror stay fogless which is often an issue in steamy bathrooms on cold mornings.

Our wall mount magnifying mirror that has a point of difference and well worth considering before purchasing a mirror is the 3030C. This mirror has a movement that no other wall mount mirror has, that being vertical up and down. This type of movement works very well when partners have a height difference one being tall and the other short. Either way no one wants to stoop to use the mirror and the other partner is not fussed at having to stand on something to reach the mirror. The 3030c has the 360 degree double sided mirror rotation and even an arm that extends out from the wall. Having vertical adjustments will save many arguments on how high or location to place the mirror.
Finally some exciting news we are currently building our Pinterest site, as soon as it’s ready I’ll give you the details.

In the meantime remember to smile and we hope you all have a great week.

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