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Not a Fogless Mirror ? Beware

Posted by Debra on 2 July 2012

magnifying mirror Hi Debra again, with this post I want to bring to you a few words of caution about putting a magnifying mirror in your shower. It has become very popular of late to have a one of these mirrors mounted inside the shower cubicle. Men like it when they want to blade shave, something about the hot water and steam makes it nice to shave in the shower.

Please only ever put a magnifying mirror that’s designed and designated into your shower cubicle. The material used in these mirrors will not crack, break of fall apart eliminating the possibility of a nasty cut from broken glass.

There have been many instances where people who do not expect anything to go wrong do put standard magnifying mirrors mounted on the wall inside the shower cubicle. Hot water spraying in the wrong direction can make the glass crack and fall out and possible hit you on the foot. That generally results in a nasty cut and a lot blood, no fun.

It’s sometimes easy to slip over in the shower and your natural reflex will have you reaching for something to stop yourself falling, once again it’s very easy to break the glass and have it hitting you some where on the body. Nasty cut loss of plenty of blood, not something we want to encourage.
Finally the standard mirrors are not made to be covered in water and steam – they rust very quickly as most mirrors are manufactured with steel and then chrome plated.

A true shower mirror often marketed as afogless mirror does not use glass they use mostly poly carbonate which does not shatter when it’s dropped. Add to that the surface of the mirror is treated to prevent it fogging up, something the standard mirror cannot do.

Please choose carefully should you want to have a magnifying mirror in the shower. Next post I will explain some of the features on one of our magnifying mirror’s that’s unique as against all the other models. Until next time.   

Remember to smile and have great week

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Measuring up for a Bathroom Magnifying Mirror?

Posted by Debra on 19 June 2012

Hi and welcome back, we have great news this week with two new wall mounted mirrors coming into stock.

Here at MHB we know from enquiry levels,the new to our range square magnifying mirror JK101 will be a hit in any bathroom. Also this week the wall mounted Chrome 10x double sided magnifying mirror is back in the store. This week I thought we would offer a few points to help you when considering a magnifying mirror for your bathroom.

Guess it’s one of those unspoken things that magnifying mirrors are more associated with women more often than not, however men use these mirrors too. They are as conscious of their appearance as any woman is. Regardless of whether you are a man or a woman, how do you determine which is the best mirror for you? Well, it isn’t easy, considering you could have round, oval square or rectangle shapes, and in finishes chrome, gold or nickel. Then there is double or single sided, magnifying, lighted or non lighted, vanity, wall mounted or travel mirrors and finally you can choose from 1x magnification up to 15x.

A good start would be to see what sort of mirror fits with the décor of your house. Choosing a magnification is purely a personal thing as it depends on if you wear glasses or contacts or your just need a little help as you get older. As a general guide when you first start out a 3x works very well if you are middle aged and wearing glasses the 5x to 7x is the best range.

The next best range is 10x which sound a lot but really once you have one you will never go back it’s that good. So don’t just perceive it’s for the older generation. To have any sort of magnifying mirror makes it really great in the mornings when you can put the makeup on with ease, shave or put on your contact lenses without difficulty.

When choosing a magnifying mirror for your bathroom you must consider how good is the lighting? If it’s not as good as you would like then maybe choose one of the halo lighted models. These mirrors throw a beautiful even light right across you whole face. If your lighting is fine or you can have natural light in the bathroom then many of the non lighted models will be just great.

The next decision is should you get a vanity or a wall mounted model. For some the decision is generally made easy because you rent and we guess the land lord would not take kindly to holes in the wall when you leave. We can guarantee you will not leave your mirror behind. When choosing a wall mount mirror then consider the location and if the mirror has room to swing into an advantageous position for use.

Going the way of a vanity mirror gives you options to use the mirror in any room in the house although feed back tells us the teenage daughters are a problem when you can’t find your mirror.

Finally when choosing a travel mirror you need to consider if it’s a daily use type in your handbag, you will need to consider its size or if it just goes in the overnight travel bag  where you can have a bigger size. The only remaining consideration is the stand that the travel mirror is mounted on. A multi position height adjustable is best.

We hope that’s helpful information for you and until our next update

Remember to smile and have a great week.

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Magnifying Mirror Updates

Posted by Debra on 7 June 2012

Hi and welcome to our first blog entry for My Health and Beauty.

The blog has been introduced so we can bring you up to date information and informative articles on some the product lines carried by My Health and Beauty.
There are many new lines coming on board so you will need to check regularly as we add different styles of magnifying mirrors plus we aim to bring you the best in health and beauty innovations.

This month we have added to the site from our US partners an item not previously found in Australia that being a Nano Uv baby bottle nipple and pacifier sanitizer so no more issues with nasty germs when you’re out and about with your new baby.

Each week I will give you a complete rundown on all the items and how they can be best put to use plus any advice when we know new products will be added to the site. Sometimes you will see items taken down from the site through stock arriving late or we are just sold out. Don’t worry as soon as the stock comes into the warehouse the missing items will be put back online.  If you can’t find a mirror that fits your purpose then feel free to send an email and we’ll do our best to get that mirror for you from our US suppliers. As an example we note that the trend overseas is for 15x magnification mirrors which seem hard to believe as Aussies in general buy 5x magnification and think that pretty hard to look into. I guess that comes from people who don’t need to wear glasses, however if you wear glasses or contacts all day and then take them off one may very well need 15x to see just to remove your makeup.

In terms of stock arriving I have been informed that the 10x wall mounted mirrors are just a week or so away. I have been told also that at long last the first of our square wall mount mirrors is in the same batch so look out for that one.

Remember to smile and have a great week

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