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3 New LED Lighted Magnifying Mirrors about to Land

Posted by Debbie on 8 November 2016

 Hi everyone Deb here and as promised in my last post I would give you an update on three new LED lighted mirrors we have added to the range. They are currently on the water and should land in the warehouse at the start of December.

I won't revisit all the details of each model here but will provide link where you can see the mirrors and read all details that help you make a decision.

Having received requests to bring a 15x magnification model for those who have eyelid eyelash issues we think the new LED Lighted 15x spot mirror JKLED15X  will be perfect for the job. This 15X LED Lighted Spot Mirror features optical quality glass to ensure a clearer reflection of your true self.

The 15X magnification is ideal for touch-ups, detail, and everyday make-up application.
No matter how dim the environment, the powerfully bright, surround lighted LED evenly illuminates any area of your face. And because of the energy-saving LED technology, it's able to run on batteries for an extensive amount of time.
The versatile and ergonomic design makes it perfect for compact on-the-go travel in your purse or carry-on. Plus, it easily mounts to most any smooth, flat surface via suction cups so you can view yourself and apply make-up completely hands-free. So keep in mind we have two different models the 15x and a 10x version JKLED10X  both lighted and color styled.

Some of you may remember we have been selling super stylish JK48 8X vanity mirror for some time now. It's always been popular as a vanity model with its bigger magnification. This magnifying mirror has now become available also as an LED lighted duel sided mirror the JKLED48.

Cordless in operation as it runs on 4 AAA batteries that will last. Means you can walk round the house because it's completely portable. With LED bulbs using 70% less energy than normal bulbs the batteries have an extended life. Size of the mirror is very good with a halo mirror diameter of 16.5 cm. Overall height is 31cm just right to sit on your vanity not adding to the clutter.

  It does come in a Satin nickel finish which looks like lightly polished stainless steel. Its finish does not work for everybody however the redeeming quality of Satin Nickel is does not leave finger marks when you move it into position as the chrome models do.  

That's it short and sweet for this post. Christmas is coming quickly and as soon a stock arrives it will be crazy as the warehouse boy's pack and send each day. You can pre order any of the magnifying mirrors on the site and you will be then guaranteed to receive your order within a day or so once they land in the warehouse.

Giving a gift like a magnifying mirror will show that you really are thoughtful and caring about the receiver of your special gift.
Remember to keep smiling and just do the best you can each day.



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Update on Magnifying Mirror Stock Arriving

Posted by Debra on 6 October 2016

Hi Everyone Its Deb here again with and update on our magnifying mirrors.
Our full and new range of wall mounted lighted magnifying mirrors will land November 30 this year in time for Christmas. Onboard we have the wall mounted LED88C 8X LED lighted, the chrome wall mounted HL85 5x Direct wire model and sister 3x model to name a few. Within 2 weeks we'll place a pre order details on the site so you can have your goods sent automatically on arrival.
We will land the PS110 Lighted travel mirror in the next few weeks leaving you with a full range of models to choose from for Christmas. I always love a launch of a new model andthe new Jerdon JS811W which has become available for the first time here in Australia is in a weeks' time.
It is also timely to warn you when looking for a mirror online. There are many traps and it pays to call and ask advice. It's the reason we have our phone number displayed on the top of the front page so you can talk to someone who knows the products well. Our forte is our range and we spend a lot of time looking for practical and unique magnifying mirrors for every occasion. From home to travelling or just a handbag model they all unique and available here in Australia.  Just cruising through the listings under magnifying mirrors online has mostly American listings. Even the eBay ad which has a signifying Australia has all American mirrors and most of them say not available in Australia.

Received a call from another victim of Amazon during the week with the buyer calling to say she had one of our Jerdon mirrors and it wasn't working. It turned out she purchased through Amazon which send out only American 110 volt voltage mirrors. The plug was incorrect so she couldn't plug it in but she used a travel converter so she could plug in in with the result it blew up and caught fire. The reason being it was American 110 volt wiring and by using the converter to be able to plug it in and with Australia 240volt power the mirror caught fire. The seller won't say anything or tell you anything if the mirror is incorrect for you. It is just another automated sale well it looked cheap that's why I bought it!!! We can't warn you enough please ask the question is it a 240volt powered mirror?

Be aware Amazon do a lot of advertising and now promote they can deliver to Australia however a great deal of their products are not set up for Australian 240 volt power. If you can't pick up the phone and ask a question or email and don't get a reply then try somewhere else. It's your best protection.

Moving along we notice a number of manufacturers in China have closed down giving an insight into the industry. We were advised not to worry they will start up again under another name somewhere else. During the month we found a new model magnifying mirror that possibly could have been a great seller here in Australia. Dealing with the manufacture we know why they are closing down. This manufacture was not prepared to make or send us samples to evaluate and the minimum order quantity was 40,000 units. After much discussion we walked way which we guess is what others are doing. It's just not worth outlaying that kind of money to see if it will sell.  Just a sign of the times we guess.

I'll come back to your shortly with details as the stock lands.

Remember keep smiling.


















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New LED Lighted Portable Magnifying Mirror By Jerdon

Posted by Debbie on 18 August 2016

Hi everyone Deb here with an update and a review of our newest product from Jerdon.
It's great to have a new model onboard although it will not be available for another 4 weeks. It will bring a different type of magnifying mirror into consideration. This model has a large lighted non magnified surface to use and then for the delicate eye work the adjustable 10x spot mirror comes into play.
New for Australia from Jerdon the simple elegantly styled JS811W is a mirror unlike anything we have in our current lineup. The two most notable things about this mirror when you see it for the first time is the size and the movable spot mirror. The actual mirror dimensions are 20cm wide by 27cm high with spot mirror being 7.5cm in diameter. This size makes it a breeze to use and easy to walk around the house for a good natural light location.  LED lighted and using just 4 AA batteries make this the perfect mirror to use almost anywhere. Easy to travel with by folding it down and packs nicely into your suitcase. Sometimes the natural light is the best for using the mirror; so on those bright days natural light and when inside or it's darker then use the LED Lights. Whilst the big mirror is not magnified but importantly it is lighted with the size being just right. Adjust the spot mirror with 10x magnification now allows you to get your eye makeup just right. The spot mirror can move up and down and side to side or when you're finished with it can fold around the back out of the way.

You will also notice the embedded LED globes in the mirror distribute the light evenly to give a bright clean reflection. The on off switch is located on the back of the mirror to give the front that clean look. The LED globes are cool to touch so there are no hot surfaces to worry about. You may already know that LED lights use very little power and so that means gentle usage on the batteries that will last a long time.
The main body of the mirror will also tilt on the stand plus Jerdon have provided a handy tray for your tweezers or make brush and products to sit in.

Of course we know that Jerdon Style has earned a reputation for excellence in the beauty industry with its broad range of travel, wall and vanity style cosmetic mirrors. Jerdon has been a leading provider to the finest hotels, resorts, cruise ships and spas worldwide and continues to evolve with and shape how stylists envision beauty and fashion.

Just a quick stock update we are currently missing some product lines from the site as you know when we are out of stock we prefer to remove from view to help you avoid disappointment by paying and then finding no stock available.
We expect to receive more stock over the coming weeks and they will reappear on the site so keep your eyes open. The direct wired models will be the first back in stock the HL8 and HL85 and we expect the LED110 out portable 10x magnification lighted power suction soon after. As soon as they get close they will appear back in the shop.

Well until next time stay well and keep intouch as we find and bring new and different magnifing mirrors for you to consider. Remember to brighten someones day with your best smile. Deb


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Magnifying Mirror Buying Issues

Posted by Debbie on 30 June 2016

Hi everyone something a little different today about magnifying mirrors from our Phone support staff. They reveal some of the feedback when talking with our customers these last few months and well worth relating here in this post today.

The one comment that shows up is "gee you're expensive" when we look at the other online shops.
It becomes apparent very quickly after talking through with the caller about what they looked at, they have missed some vital considerations. Things like will the lighted magnifying mirror even work in this country? Is it in stock? Who do I call if I have a problem? How good is the quality? How long does it take before I receive it?

Generally we remind them the price for our magnifying mirrors is all inclusive meaning the product, packing posting/shipping and GST with nothing extra to pay. As the conversation goes along there are some vital points being missed.
Many people don't realise they are on an American site so prices are in US dollars. Worse still if they want to purchase a Lighted mirror there is a plethora of American and Chinese sites that sell only mirrors made with 110 volt wiring. MHB lighted mirrors have all been made especially for Australia who has 240 volts of power coming through the power point. With that many people never check that the mirror is 240 volt and some do buy the cheaper 110 volt model and use a converter and wonder why the mirror burns out or catches fire. Twice the amount of power going through any electrical device always leads to a disaster.

Sites like eBay and Fishpond are notorious for selling incorrect electrical models for Australia. Both have warnings but still allow them to be listed and sold with many sellers generally uncontactable over the phone. Price is certainly not everything however it is a very strong lure.

My Health and Beauty has a collection magnifying mirror models sourced and specified from the best manufactures all in the one location and we actually hold the stock in a warehouse. If you saw a particular model in our online shop when you were browsing and it no longer appears then we are out of stock and it will reappear when goods are back in the warehouse ready for dispatch. Unlike many online stores that do leave their stock online and allow the transaction to go through will take your money and then send an email saying it's out of stock but it  will be in soon. This type of transaction is an inconvenience and a disappointment to you.

The irony of all of this how many of those online stores display a phone number where you can pick up the phone and ask a question immediately with someone who sources, tests and trial every model. Even if you can find a number to ring you likely get a person on the other end that has no idea. With My Health and Beauty our phone people can handle every enquiry. Things like advice on what magnification may work for a person, anything about any model from a dimension to its color. Perhaps there is a problem, not able to use the website to buy, spare part needed and much more. 
Our strongest quality is being as fast as we can to get the order out. We believe when you buy you should have the goods in your hand as quick as possible. Hence if we receive and order before 1.30pm then goods get express posted on the same day as purchase. 
I hope thats helpful information for you and most importantly it goes for many purchases online not just magnifying mirrors.
Tax time oh joy remember just keep smiling

Until next time Deb

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Best Lighted Compact Magnifying Mirror.

Posted by Debbie on 27 May 2016

 At last the best lighted compact magnifying mirror is back in stock. When we originally started out with these we thought they would only work best for the professional people who travel between appointments and need to look their best before going into the boardroom. It seems there are many who do want to use something better than the tiny compacts you see around they have found the LEDT01 to be the perfect companion.
All compact magnifying mirrors have their own unique uses and the first thing that comes to mind is you really need at least two magnifying makeup mirrors. One that stays in the bathroom and one that can go with you either when you're travelling or just a daily use model in your purse. When out travelling, shopping or racing from meeting to meeting a lighted makeup mirror is indispensable.

This the lightest and most compact of our range is theLEDT01 . It is just the right size to fit in your handbag and excellent for everyday touchups and can get by as your travel magnifying mirror at a pinch. Weighing in at just 280 grams and folds down completely flat and comes with a lighted fold out arrangement it is also the smallest of the range.

Many like something that's bigger than the small compacts available to use and fortunately Zadro has come to the rescue with the LEDT01 lighted makeup mirror. It folds out quickly and easily into many positions, has two LED lighted mirrors one magnified mirror and one not magnified but both have a halo light you can turn on and off individually. Whilst most bathrooms in public buildings have reasonable light it's when you need to dash from the car into a meeting and you need to check you're looking your best this magnifying makeup mirror with lights is at its best.
When travelling lighted magnifying mirrors can be a lifesaver when you are away from home. Here at My Health and Beauty we are always on the lookout for a mirror that can be used in any circumstance. The Zadro lighted compact comes very close.
The LEDTO1 can be held in the hand or sat on a flat surface while you make those last minute touchups. The generous mirror size of 3 1/2 inches or 9cm makes it a whole lot easier than the traditional compacts. When set in the upright position for maximum usage this travel lighted magnifying mirror stands 11 ½ inches or 29cm high.

The duel mirror arrangement have a 10x and a 1x magnification allowing close up work or a quick glance overall.  Of course this type of magnifying mirror may not suit everybody as some want a bigger size mirror, less magnification, or don't need the lighting. Take the time to have a look through the rest of the range and you may find something that really is the best for you.
TheUlt110 is very popularas it's just that little bit bigger and folds flat, still has a light and duel mirrors. In the non-lighted range theMC310 and the bigger brother the MC449 also may be better for you.
Hope you enjoyed this update and if you have been waiting for this model then I'm glad I was able to give you the good news.
Until next time Keep Smiling.
Debra :)

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