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New Arrival Cordless LED Wall Mount Magnifying Mirror

Posted by Debbie on 10 March 2015

Hi everyone Deb here, it's been to long since my last article that's because we have some new and wonderful models coming into the system after a very long wait. We have great news and it's been a long time coming, landing  this week our Cordless LED Halo lighted wall mount mirror powered by batteries. This solves a problem for those having difficulty putting a magnifying mirror in a bathroom that had a power point in the wrong place.

The entry price point for a LED halo lighted mirror is significantly lower than those made for Australian 240volt power. The question on many minds is how long do the batteries last? Well because this mirror uses energy saving LED lighting which consumes 70% less than normal globe mirrors a set of 4 AA batteries will last 2 years. One of the key features of this mirror is the auto off timer which adds convenience and saves your battery power if you walk out and leave the light on.

The timer will time out after 5 minutes.

This magnifying mirror is double sided with 5x on one side being great for touchups, detail and makeup application while on the side 1x being for perfect for all round hairstyling, cosmetics and anything else in between. If your bathroom is a dim environment the LEDs are powerful enough to illuminate your face and not have a bright light shine in your eyes.
This mirror comes with optical quality glass to ensure a clearer reflection of your face. The mounting will allow the mirror to rotate 360 degrees into any position that work for the user. This mirror has smaller dimensions that will work for many who do not require the bigger lighted models. The actual mirror size is 5.5 inches or 14cm across with the overall measurement including the body of the mirror being 7 inches 17.5 cm wide.

The mirror pivots on two arms that will extend out 9.5inches or 24cm from the wall and once finished with will fold neatly flat back against the wall. The mirror comes in satin nickel finish which is like polished stainless steel to look at. The best part about satin nickel finish is it does not show the finger marks like the chrome or gold models do. This is the most requested finish currently in vogue in the US.
This Cordless mirror is the very latest design that is just right for those who take care of how they look when stepping out stylish, practical, high quality the MWLED45.

Remember to take care and always have a smile on your face the world will be a better place


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Buying A Suprise Magnifying Mirror For Your Wife?

Posted by Debra on 27 January 2015

Magnifying Mirror Mens range Hi everyone, well Christmas has come and gone very fast this year. We hope you all had a great time with your family. Interesting phone  enquires this year about how to choose a good mirror from the gentlemen of the household wishing to buy a beautiful gift for their partners.
  I can offer some information that may help the man of the house make a good choice if they decide to go it alone and surprise their partner with a magnifying mirror as a gift. Whilst the choice of finish for magnifying mirrors Chrome, Gold or Satin Nickel may first be considered, generally as a partner you will know what she likes if not have a look at what the tap or bathroom fixtures are in the house.

Choosing a style is the next consideration. Do you think she would like a bathroom vanity magnifying mirror or a wall mounted magnifying mirror, or makeup travel mirror. Is there enough room on the vanity for a free standing mirror? Do you have a good place in the bathroom to mount a wall mounted model? If it's a lighted magnifying mirror you are considering then is there a power point close by?

Finally when travelling have you heard your partner wish for a better mirror to put makeup on. Perhaps she may not want a permanent magnifying mirror in the bathroom at all and can be happy with the power suction models that can cover all aspects. There are many that have both a wall mounted model and a power suction that can be used for travel, or permanent.

The biggest issue is what magnification? That would be the number one question we receive. Realistically it does not matter what magnification your mirror is. It is only a matter of what you get used to. As a general guide line if your partner wears strong glasses or is a little more aged then the 8x or 10x models are the best. For the biggest part of our population a middle of the road arrangement that works is the 5x models. For those who don't like a lot of magnification then a 3x will do fine. The only variation here for all the magnifications are how far your face is away from the mirror before you get perfect focus.
After using the mirror for a week it will become as normal as looking in your large mirror in the bathroom.

Another question that gets raised is, are all double sided mirrors standard magnification (1x) on one side and magnified on the other? Yes all magnifying mirrors made have only one side magnified and the other is always standard.

The final decision is a lighted or non-lighted mirror.  A lighted mirror works best in a bathroom that does not have the best level of brightness in the room or the globes that light your bathroom are behind you. Lighting behind you throws a shadow on the face making it more difficult to get your makeup just right. The lighting in a magnifying mirror is meant only to light your face up and not the whole bathroom as some have suggested. If you choose a travel model then it is just a choice if you think lighting is needed or not. The trick with the power suction models is you attach them to any window while travelling and get natural light.

Well I hope this article is of some use to the gentlemen who wish to surprise their partners.

Remember to keep smiling, work on your 2015 plan and do your best.



Buying a Makeup Magnifying Mirror Online

Posted by Debra on 16 October 2014

Hi it's Debra again with Christmas coming very quickly or so it seems this year. If you're looking for a makeup magnifying mirror for yourself of even a gift for another member of the family we would love you to consider our range.
I wanted to give you some points to help make your online purchasing for a Makeup Magnifying mirror helpful and worry free. The market has been flooded with magnifying mirrors and we would love you to buy from us here at My Health and Beauty first.
It's important to us you do have a good experience buying online and I wanted to make sure you know how to look at all the information and make a good decision.

This hopefully will give you a better experience than what online buyers who have called us for advice of late.

In all fairness it seems that much of the dissatisfaction has come from customers who bought a "bargain" on EBay. We have noted also that whilst Fishpond looks to be an Australian website it mostly just represents American companies. With that in mind please read the fine print on this site as you will find that whatever the brand magnifying mirror you receive, it will be the American version. If it needs to be plugged in then it will not work on Australian power. Often on these sites there is a small disclaimer to say the mirror has passed all regulations in country of manufacture.

Our callers have said they used a travel adapter to get around the "funny plug" The mirror failed because you can't put 240 volts Australian power into 110 volt American, that's more the twice the voltage and a very easy way to get hurt.
You should also note that many of the sites you see online have their price set in US dollars and just lately it has become an expensive exercise. For example a US $89 mirror will cost $101.78 plus fees and charges. Not such a bargain after all.

I mentioned earlier about customers who bought from eBay which in some cases you can get a good deal. Enquiry levels on the phone and through the My Health and Beauty site lately have really jumped up regarding replacing a globe or broken magnifying mirror missing parts. We have been asked also what they could do after receiving an electric magnifying mirror with an American or English plug on the end. They found trying to get this sort of issue fixed there was almost nobody they could talk to for solving their problem.  In all cases we have tried our best to help, who knows they may come back to My Health and Beauty where our loyal customers don't have those issues. It might be a global village where you can now access lower prices, with that come less desirables in products and companies with no standards chasing a fast buck. Here in Australia we seem to be easy pickings.

One great tip I can give that really will help you avoid an online overseas purchase is Don't just look at the picture read all the information so you can make a better decision. If you can't see the plug then ring or email and ask if you don't see in the description what type of plug. What is the voltage? What size is it?
Of late we have seen many sales on the electric plug in LED mirrors from overseas and they look a great price it seems the LED light fails rather quickly. We have had a couple of hotel related stories where they purchased overseas had them installed and within a year all were thrown in the bin after the LED lighting failed.
My tips to help you not make a mistake are 

  • Don't buy a mirror by just looking at the image.
  • Read all the specifications, If electric is it made for Australia 240 volt. What sort of plug (3 pin)
  • Can you pick up the phone and talk to somebody. Preferably in Australia not overseas.
  • Can you exchange ?
  • Can you get replacements if you lose a little chrome nut or break the glass mirror?
  • Watch out for Australian or US dollar pricing.
  • If your mirror gets broken through careless freight handling make sure it is easy to get it replaced.

             I hope you have enjoyed this small piece of advice.  Remember Keep smiling have fun and do your best 



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10x Magnifying Mirror Tips

Posted by Debra on 9 October 2014

10x Magnifying mirrors one of the quandaries we receive on a weekly basis from prospective customers. Hi its Deb here and I wanted to give you information that may help you make your decision to buy your 10x magnifying mirror a little easier.

Of late we have had the gentleman of the house buy 10x mirrors for their wife often as a gift only to find she hates it. It’s too strong or too blurry are some of the issues raised.
Selecting the right magnification is a personal thing and can get confusing; it very much depends on what you want to do. Anything from just needing optimum clarity, seeing to insert contact lenses or even precise tweezing right through to a flawless makeup application the right magnification helps to get the job done.

Well that’s what I initially thought, having worked with all the different magnifying mirrors available here at My Health and Beauty. I’ve found that unless you have poor eyesight a 10x magnification can be very helpful when you take your glasses off. However regardless of the amount of magnification you may want or need it really is all a matter of just getting used to your mirror no matter the magnification.
We have many customers who try to match the magnification to their current eyesight situation. You will have your magnifying mirror for many years so choose wisely. We have customers who wear glasses and many that don’t that swear by their 10x mirror because that’s the degree of clarity or closeness if you like they desire.

When customers who call back and say the mirror looks blurry, my face looks funny or I can’t see then we know that they are not standing close enough to the mirror and they have not given their eyes enough time to adjust. Usually for a 10x mirror your face is around 4 inches or 100mm away from the surface.  If you are using a 10x magnifying mirror for the first time you need to allow for your eyes to adjust, if what you see is out of focus then move slowly closer  until you have perfect vision. If you still can’t get perfect focus the move your face away from the glass slowly.

At some point you will get perfect clear focus. It becomes easy to attend to anything on your skin, eyelashes or blend in your makeup.
When selecting a 10x magnifying mirror it comes down the space or location you have available. You may possibly want to take the mirror with you for example when you’re travelling. The MC449 can be setup on the vanity and folded down and put in the black velvet bag for travel whilst the PSC110 and the PSC210 can suction on to a tiled or mirror surface in second. Both will fold down and also make great travel necessities. The MC310 and the LEDT01 are made to fold flat and carry in your purse. Finally to have a fixed wall mount 10x in your bathroom then the JP120 does the job perfectly.   
So don’t be afraid of a 10x magnifying mirror embrace the close-up look you get and enjoy it.

I hope that will help you all. Christmas is coming really fast 

Remember keep smiling and do your best at all times.



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LED Lighted Mirror

Posted by Debra on 8 September 2014

  The LED lighted mirror is becoming more popular with new models being released by manufacturers who are constantly evolving or should I say responding to consumer demand. MyHealthandBeauty has arange of LED lighted mirrors that will fit almost any purpose from travelling to a wonderful addition to your new designer bathroom.
Our latest shipment features the new Jerdon rectangle wall mount LED lighted mirror and the double sided 8x wall mount LED lighted mirror. Both are excellent high quality mirrors stand out from the current crop of no name offerings flooding the market place. These magnifying mirrors were specially built for Australia 240 volt power and have been through SAA and Ctick testing to be certified to sell in Australia.
The JRT710 Rectangle LED magnifying mirror looks to be a natural edge style however on looking at the back of the mirror you can soon see how brilliant Jerdon have applied their long term knowhow to this mirror. It is a very solid and built to last magnifying mirror. A wonderful style addition to any bathroom and at 5x magnification just right and very easy to use. The on off switch is situated on the base plate and to have the mirror in any position you desire Jerdon have provided a guiding rod so your hand never needs to touch the mirror.
The mirror uses LED globes rated at super long lasting and use very little power. Jerdon have worked extensively to have the LED color become more sympathetic with your complexion. In previous posts many of the LED mirrors available give off a harsh white light and does not show your complexion in the most natural look. It then becomes very easy to apply makeup that’s does not work for you at all. Jerdon’s HL7 halo series which uses incandescent lighting has been so popular which will show your complexion in the most natural look.

The LED88C has been a longtime coming and 8x magnification works perfectly for those who may wear glasses during the day but need to take them off to apply makeup, remove contact lenses or attend to any eyelid or eyebrow issue.
Being double side with the LED halo lighting on both sides it’s becomes easy to attend the close up work and turn the mirror over for and overall view.

No matter how dim the environment, or even if you have a well-lit bathroom  LED halo lighting is powerful enough to illuminate your face without being harsh on your eyes.  And because of the energy-saving LED technology consumes 70% less energy than regular bulbs it costs next to nothing to operate.
Currently both mirrors are available as plug in so just mount it on your wall – everything is provided then plug in to your nearby power point and enjoy. For those wanting the direct wired models they will be under way to us shortly.
At the start of this post I did say we have a great range of LED Lighted mirrors just click this link as we have much more to offer for you to select your favorite LED lighted mirror.   

My Next update will be about the top selling makeup mirror in the US and whats more its coming to us early next year.

Keep smiling be grateful and happy


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