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Travel Lighted Magnifying Mirror

Posted by Debra on 14 March 2014

Travel lighted magnifying mirrors can be a lifesaver when you are away from home. Here at My Health and Beauty we are always on the lookout for a mirror that can be used in any circumstance. The Zadro Lighted compact comes very close.
Whilst small enough to fit in your handbag it also makes a great travel partner with its unique fold out system so you can use two mirrors at once and vary the halo lighting if you can’t see because the light level is low.

The LEDTO1 can be held in the hand or sat on a flat surface while you make those last minute touchups. The generous mirror size of 3 1/2 inches or 9cm makes it a whole lot easier than the traditional compacts. When set in the upright position for maximum usage this travel lighted magnifying mirror stands 11 ½ inches or 29cm high.
The duel mirror arrangement have a 10x and a 1x magnification allowing close up work or a quick glance overall.  Of course this type of magnifying mirror may not suit everybody as some want a bigger size mirror, less magnification, do not need the lighting. If I may draw your attention to 4 other models in the travel line up. Our non-lighted MC229 model is double sided 7x and 1x magnification with a large 12.5cm diameter mirror on a fully adjustable stand.
This 7x magnifying mirror has a gold and chrome finish folds down flat for travel and has its own black velvet travel pouch. The MC449 magnifying mirror is similar in many aspects and has the bigger 10x and 1x magnification folds down flat and has the black velvet pouch also.

If you are looking for something that is nice and small does not need to be lighted and will fit in your handbag nicely then our MC310 should be perfect for you. It is a double sided beauty mirror and it does have a fully adjustable fold out chrome stand. The glass diameter on this mirror is just 7.5cm in diameter so it will even fit nicely in your purse. 
Feedback from customers on the Zadro power suction mirror has been excellent. Even to the point people buy them for their friends as presents. Put one on your mirror at home and it won’t take long for your whole family to be found looking in the mirror. In fact I take mine to the gym so I can go straight to work after the gym. It sticks to any surface and just a small twist on the knob and it comes off easy. Being a square acrylic it just has that look about that makes everybody want one.
Single sided with 10x magnification – I do get people who want to see what it’s like when I put it on the mirror in the gym afterwards the comments are “I have to get one of those”.  

So that’s just a quick rap on our travel models, I hope you can use that information. Right now I am looking forward to the new wall mounted square rectangle lighted mirrors from Jerdon. These will be very practical and look great in those new modern bathrooms as square seems to be the latest rage.

Its been a busy week say smile for now and I be in touch again soon.


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Makeup Mirror or Beauty Mirror?

Posted by Debra on 28 February 2014

How did you find our My Health and Beauty online shop to buy your magnifying mirror? Hi it’s Deb with a few helpful points for our customers who raised the issue there are some many shops online and they get confused about what’s on offer and where to buy.
Wall mount mirror or wall mount mirror with lights, beauty mirror or makeup mirror these are just some of the enquiries you as the potential customer will put into Google when looking for your makeup mirror of choice. We do agree it    can be a little frustrating. Did you know that a listing from ITunes comes with makeup mirror? It relates to a song that has makeup mirror in the lyrics.
Each different enquiry will bring up an entirely different set of results with a large range of pages with stores that relate to your enquiry. Within that search you will find stores all over the world that sell the mirror you’re looking for. It’s not helpful when the ideal mirror comes on your screen only to find the store is based in Ecuador, France or United States. The price looks great  and the freight well that’s another nasty issue you find out on checkout assuming the country in question will post internationally anyway.  I have already spoken about the perils of buying a makeup mirror with lights internationally go to my previous post .
There is an easier way to save yourself all the frustration by looking at the web address in the top line on your screen. Make sure in the address line you can see
For example our web address will look like this -   notice the on the end. A site from the United States will look like this - notice there is no .au
If you do not see it highly likely you are dealing with an International supplier of the beauty mirror you desire. However you still have to be careful as some US supply companies register an Australian online address stores like Fishpond supply US based product which does not operate in Australia.
Australian suppliers carry the best well known overseas product and in My Health and Beauty’s case we are the agent in Australia for the Jerdon and Zadro magnifying mirrors.
Hopefully those couple of points will answer your enquires our phone lines have been running hot with these issues.
Our next shipment will have the Jerdon wall mount LED lighted rectangle mirror. This is the first time Jerdon have manufactured a lighted LED rectangle magnifying mirror so it is the latest in design and looks fantastic, showing style and class and great for today’s modern bathrooms. These will go on the site as soon as we know our shipment is only a week away so be on the look out.
Hope you all have a great week
Remember keep smiling,

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Beauty Mirror & Beauty Mirror with Lights

Posted by Debra on 17 February 2014

Beauty Mirror or Beauty Mirror with Lights is the first thing many put into Google when searching for a magnifying mirror that is just right for you.

Hi it’s Debra with information that will help make your choice easier. The new look My Health and Beauty online store now has a number you can call if you need help with your decision.

It’s always very difficult to buy online when you can only make a choice by the picture you see.

Questions  like I wear glasses and will 5 time magnifications be enough?, Will the mirror fit inside a cabinet?, I just want to put my mirror on the wall just like the hotels do?,  Is the light in the LED mirrors white or can I get yellow LED?, Can I put this mirror in the shower? I can’t make the light in my mirror work how do I do that?

Now it’s easy -just call the number is on the top of the home page of the shop. Try doing that with an eBay purchase or many of the other companies that masquerade as an Australian company.

Across the Christmas New Year period we received many enquiries as those who bought beauty mirrors with lights have found out they have received a US mirror. Generally they tell us it doesn’t work – or can they get a light globe as the other one “blew up”. Unfortunately there are many online companies that sell the American version beauty mirrors with lights that are only 110 volt. Added to that it’s now become very difficult to buy a transformer that will make the mirror work with 110volt.

It can be very disappointing to have this happen.  I have just 3 tips how you can prevent or at least help out if you have inadvertently purchased the wrong beauty mirror.

If you do buy through EBay then make sure you scroll down the left side of the page until you see the Item Location heading under that you must tick Australia Only. EBay have it set on a sneaky default that makes you think it’s all Australian when in fact it’s mostly USA and Asian ebayers.
Beware of drop shippers like Fishpond you will get mostly overseas product.

If you have received a beauty mirror from overseas and it does not work you should notify PayPal first this will hold the payment up and the supplier has to respond to solve the issue.

If you have received a beauty mirror with lights from overseas through eBay and it does not work be sure to email EBay who are very helpful and will do anything to rid their site of these problem sellers.  

Finally for those searching the My Health and Beauty site for a specific beauty mirror that you might have seen previously. Do not worry MHB does not sell what we do not have. Any models that are out of stock are removed from the live site until they come back into stock. If we have new models coming then they will be announced in advance so you can get the best possible beauty mirror that will be fantastic for you.

Remember to keep smiling and have a great week.


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New Wall Mounted Magnifying Mirrors with Lights Coming

Posted by Debra on 28 January 2014

Hi Everyone Happy New Year we hope you all have a wonderful 2014.

Our team here at My Health and Beauty have been working very hard  during the holiday break to bring you insights, new product lines and talking with our suppliers  to find out what are the latest trends in the US and Europe in magnifying mirrors. During the break we have uploaded our new site hopefully it’s a lot easier to use. There are still a few bugs to sort out with the mobile site and the Twitter, Facebook connections once that’s working well please “Like” us on your Facebook page.
This year we will add some competitions to find out how we can best help you. These will get posted on the site and the Facebook page.  There will be some great prizes on offer so keep an eye out and be ready. 

The MHB team bought home some wonderful insights and a couple of new models that will be posted online into the store when they arrive in May this year. The biggest selling mirror in the US ever since magnifying mirrors were produced commercially is the TriFold which is a 3 sided lighted magnifying mirror. It has been updated in terms of looks and most importantly has been specially made for us here in Australia to take 240volt and the correct power plug. What excites us about this model and we believe to be the only model in Australia that can do this is it has 4 different selectable color range options. That means you can choose the best light setting in terms of color that suits your face.

Normally all LED magnifying mirror have a very traditional stark white with only some of the better models offered in a softer light. See our LED88C.  Our HL Halo models use an incandescent globe which gives the best natural look. Now with the Trifold you will be able to have the best of both worlds. Just select the color lighting that works best for you.
The style of Trifold allows for you to not only use the main mirror but allows you to fold out the sides which gives a panoramic view giving you the option to see how you look overall.

This new model will come in a 5x and 1x magnification setup which is considered the middle of the road in terms of magnification and generally the most popular.
MyHealthandBeauty have been told we can expect this mirror in Australia around May this year. This is around the same time the new LED Lighted Rectangle wall mount mirror will be introduced into Australia. This is a very stylish magnifying mirror as previous models always looked heavy and even clunky. The LED version makes it a style that has proven very popular in the US over the last 12 months since its introduction. The size is 16.5cm wide and 22.5cm high gives excellent coverage of the face I’m sure you will agree.

Its LED lighting setup is unique and with long life bulbs and very little energy usage makes this wonderful addition to our wall mount range of magnifying mirrors with lights. Finished in Chrome with a double movement arm that reaches 39cm it can fold back flat on the wall will make this this magnifying mirror very popular for those who like to install the mirror inside a cabinet. 

Until my next post keep smiling and keep working on your plan for a great year.


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Wall Mount LED Lighted 8x Magnifying Mirror

Posted by Debra on 28 November 2013

 Hi it’s Deb and I just wanted to say -

Merry Christmas Everyone from us all here at My Health and Beauty. The team here have been working very hard looking for mirrors that are different from the average offerings you see online these days. This month we are excited to tell you about our latest  new magnifying mirror with light. The model has been named LED88C.
              LED lighted mirrors are very hard to get right in terms of the type and colour of light. Normal LED lighted magnifying mirrors give a very hard white light or blue colouration which leads you to over compensate  when apply makeup. End result being you can get some strange looks when out shopping.

             Jerdon has been working very hard on this mirror to get it right and in their words “it’s been a long hard effort and we now have it exactly the way it should be.”

The My Health and Beauty team have flown across  20 of these magnifying mirrors ahead of the container so they will now  be in stock Dec 1 This will be a first in Australia for a wall mounted lighted magnifying mirror with larger than normal magnification. 8 times magnification sounds a lot however its perfect if you wear glasses every day and you need to take them off to apply cosmetics attend your lashes or hair.
             LED halo lighted on both sides makes it a very practical mirror in the same way the HL7 and HL8 lighted magnifying mirrors except the LED88C is a slimmer design. This will very much suit those that are looking to mount their magnifying mirror inside a cabinet.
             This model is made for Australia electrical regulations and comes with a fully approved Australian plug. No need to worry about those dodgy online offers that actually sell American 110 volt mirrors with a funny plug.

             This LED halo lighted wall mounted magnifying mirror is the latest design and comes in a huge crystal clear 21.5cm (8 ½ inches) diameter with dual-sided, optical quality glass to ensure a clearer reflection of your true self. Duel sided magnifying mirror meaning with 8x magnification on one side and the other standard 1x. It means you can see your whole face without having to move from side to side as normal with small magnifying mirrors and the bonus is it throws no shadows over your face.
             Use it with or without the light turned on you will still get a beautiful result. Being a wall mounted lighted bathroom mirror it can be tilted, swivelled 360degrees and will extended 34cm (13 1/2 inches) out from the wall, and when you’re finished or fold it back on the wall out of the way or fold back inside your cabinet.

                This high quality beautiful lighted magnifying mirror comes with in an easy clean chrome finish and a mounting kit. Best of all the LED energy saving technology globes are super long lasting and use very little power so no more have you got a spare globe worries.

Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou to all our customers who have supported us this year
We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy 2014.



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