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Posted by Debra on 3 July 2013

Hi its Deb certainly has been a long time since my last post. This is because everyone here at MHB has been working hard to bring you only the best products and we take notice of what you say.

This week after a very long wait we have finally landed the new HL85C direct wired wall mount magnifying mirror. It’s finally been made with a 5x magnification; we know that will make many of you very happy. It’s has all the same specifications in terms of diameter, halo light, 40cm extension, easy clean chrome finish.

For those that have not heard of direct wire before it simply means that there is no plug and the mirror has been set up so that your electrician can mount it on the bathroom wall and connect directly to the house wiring. That way you no not have to have a power point and a curly cord as the other models do. I guess it’s the minimalist look that some search for these days. It’s often found in hotels bathrooms but seems to have made its way of late to new houses that want style and convenience.

Likely in the next shipment MHB will land the new LED versions of the wall mount mirrors, with one model in particular we like and have had feedback over is an 8x magnification version which will really help those who need a stronger mirror when they remove their glasses. We would expect that it's at least 12 weeks away for this lighted magnifying mirror shipment so we will be sure to let you know as soon as they land.

On another note Australia post has recently raised their parcel postage rates which we unfortunately will have to pass on I was told the head of Australia post was an ex bank manager so I guess rate increases will always be on the cards in the hunt for profits.
Well its only a short post today, I know there are other items coming through and a little early to announce just yet.

As always don't forget to smile and have a great week.


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New LED Halo Lighted Travel Mirror

Posted on 20 May 2013

  Hi everyone Deb again, I’m excited to tell you we have just landed our brand new Halo Lighted 5x magnified travel mirror.  How fantastic is it to finally    have a mirror of decent size with a light in it that actually works and folds away into a neat travel pouch.

My sister loves   hers so much she keeps it in the glove box of her car so she never gets caught out.

If you do go to the effort of looking for a lighted travel mirror you will find it’s not easy to get a travel mirror until now that is LED and lights up, has a large diameter and 5x magnification, adjustable stand that works perfectly sitting on your vanity or folds away as a travel mirror.
This LED Halo lighted magnifying mirror stands 18cm including the stand in height comes with an easy clean chrome finish and folds down flat to fit in the black velvet drawstring travel pouch.

This new halo lighted magnifying mirror has an over all diameter of 15cm and the mirror itself is 13cm so it’s a very useable size. This lighted travel mirror uses lights up with energy-saving LED bulbs that illuminate your entire face, allowing you to see the finest details in even the dimmest lighting.
The LED halo light with halo meaning the outer rim of the mirror throws a nice gentle glow on your face really giving you the best benefit as many bathrooms do not have great lighting.

These energy saving bulbs use 70% less power than normal  bulbs and is the reason when using the  3 AAA  batteries then you can expect 1 -2 years battery life.
Because of its versatility it also fits on those small vanities with ease. So if you are travelling or just at home then this is the ideal companion.

Having two magnifying lighted travel mirrors in the range the Zadro LEDTO1 which is a 10x magnification. It is also compact enough to fit in your bag and now the new JKLEDT5X with a half the magnification at 5x for those who don’t like the strength of 10x leaves you spoiled for choice which is just the way we like it to be. Two distinct styles both very practical and the ideal travel companion.

Well I hope you like our new offer and come back occasionally as we have another exciting model in the pipeline under production now. This model has come about because of your requests. We welcome such feedback and will continue to grow our range through your ideas and requests.

Until next time – Remember to smile and have a great week


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Zadro Magnifying Mirrors have arrived.

Posted by Debra on 8 April 2013

Happy Easter everyone its Debra again with this quick post to tell you the new models mentioned in my last post have arrived. All have been set up here on the site and ready to go. Three different versions to fit your every purpose from the magnifying mirror on a stand to the latest fogless shower mirror and let’s not forget compact lighted magnifying mirror that folds out.

The LEDT01 from Zadro is not for everyone however for those looking for multi purpose compact then have a look at this model. It has two mirrors that you can look into at the same time with a different purpose. One surface being 10x magnification which you can get a lovely close up and the other 1x for a quick look to see everything is all in order. The best thing being you can switch on the light for one or both of the mirrors and it will fold out and sit on any surface. Day or night time compact for your handbag or use it as a travel mirror this one is the best there is.

Our first sale went out the door before we even had time to post the LEDVPR410 Ultra Bright LED Next generation unit from Zadro such is its reputation. Large surface perfect halo light for your face and stylish as well. This vanity magnifying mirror is certainly worth your consideration. It comes with its own transformer and will plug into any power point and you can take it anywhere in the house.

Finally the newest shower model from Zadro is the ZW20SS with unbreakable glass and a guarantee not to fog up. The process this mirror uses to prevent fogging is ingenious. Just lift the mirror off its base and allow the hot show water to run in the back of the mirror and hang it up again. The show water heats the mirror making it fogless in an instant. The polished stainless steel finish makes this unit very attractive so if you are in the market for fogless illuminated shower mirror then take a look at this unit.

Well we hope you have a great week as for me its time to get busy - I'll be writing a detailed version of the new products so you can make an informed decision.

As always don't forget to smile!


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Zadro Magnifying mirrors and more

Posted by Debra on 5 February 2013

Hi everyone its Debra again after a long break. We hope you had a great Christmas and New Year break. During the year we received many enquiries do we carry the Zadro range of products and I’m pleased to say we have been carrying this range since inception. Today I have added the Zadro logo to the blog as a way of letting you know and making it a little more obvious that we carry many of their product lines from magnifying mirrors to UV disinfection sanitizing lines.

With the next shipment due in March My Health and Beauty plans to add even more lines .One of the new lines available will be a new shaving mirror for use inside the shower the stainless steel ZW20SS break resistant mirror The mirror has a patented built-in reservoir which heats the mirror surface, keeping it fogless even in the hottest and steamiest showers.

Dermatologists all over the world recommend shaving, cleansing, and exfoliating skin in the shower to receive the best results.  The heat and humidity from a hot shower opens pores and soften hair follicles.  This allows razors to more easily and closely shave away the hair, while avoiding painful tugging, pulling, and razor burn. This mirror will already compliment the Zadro Z850 adjustable 1x to 5x magnifying mirror on the site.

We have also added the new Ultra Bright LED bathroom vanity magnifying mirror the LEDVPR410. This will expand on the popular NGLED410 also from Zadro found on the site. This bathroom vanity magnifying mirror lights up with energy-saving, super bright LED bulbs that illuminate your entire face, allowing you to see the finest details in even the dimmest lighting!

We all carry a compact mirror around in the handbag to ensure we look our best; however it’s very annoying at night or even early evening where you may not get the opportunity to use a light.The next shipment will also carry the LEDT01 a lighted travel mirror that offers a compact design with the functionality of two application mirrors that can be set in position and you can use the both at the same time.

No hands needed just set in position turn the light on and everything becomes very easy especially when you’re on the run. It features two LED lighted magnifying mirrors that collapse into a sleek and compact size ready to put back in your bag.

Zadro design style and patent many of their products so you know the quality just has to be there. We’ve not seen any other mirror range that has the affordable style of the Zadro range.

Have a look see what you think you won't be disappointed.

Until next time smile and have great week.


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Lighted Wall Mounted Magnifying Mirrors back in stock

Posted by Debra on 23 November 2012

   Hi it’s Debra again
With Christmas is coming very fast we have fantastic news this week the HL7 Lighted Wall Mounted Magnifying Mirror has come back into stock just in time.

The unique features of this lighted wall mount mirror are the large 25cm diameter mirror and the soft halo lighting is uses to show your face in the most natural way. There has been plenty of discussion about the colour of LED lit mirrors with the colour being stark white which is not the best to use when trying to apply the right colour combination cosmetics to your features.

With the HL7C there is no need to worry, however lighting in most bathrooms generally through the position of the overhead light fittings that can either throw a shadow over your face or the light bounces of the standard wall mirror found in most bathrooms. Either way it makes it very difficult to do such things as put makeup on, pop your contact lenses in or attend to any eyelash issues. With the halo mirror its light reaches every part of your face including under your eyebrows through light coming on the face from every possible angle. If you have a dark bathroom then application of makeup can be difficult, this mirror will solve that issue forever.

With the 25cm diameter mirror it shows your whole face with a gentle 3 times magnification. The transition from looking into the 3 time magnification back into your normal bathroom mirror is easy for your eyes to adjust. Speaking of the normal bathroom mirror we get a lot of enquiries asking why this mirror is not double sided. Double sided for those who don’t know the term means on one side the mirror is magnified and on the other it is standard with no magnification. Our answer revolves around the fact why would you look in to a 25cm diameter normal magnification when generally one whole wall in bathrooms these days has the same mirror or non magnified if you like.
Generally people use the normal bathroom mirror for a quick check to see if all is order, the magnified side on the HL7C is meant for close up work. So our view is generally double sided mirrors are a waste unless of course you have a travel style model which makes it very handy when on the run.

I should also say that this mirror plugs into a nearby power point with a short curly cord; many people ask how does the light come on because they can’t see the cable. Our photographer does not like a messy image so the cord is tucked away where you can’t see it. There is a push button on off switch located on the mounting plate that screws to the wall making it easy to operate and you will not be required to turn the power point switch on and off all the time.

The HL7 lighted wall mounted magnifying mirror comes in several variation those being Chrome or Gold finish and wired to plug straight into a power point or no curly cord so it can be direct wired to the wall without the need of a nearby power point.

Thats it for this week so keep smiling enjoy the shopping and have a great run up the Christmas.



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