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Buying A Suprise Magnifying Mirror For Your Wife?

Posted by Debra on 27 January 2015

Magnifying Mirror Mens range Hi everyone, well Christmas has come and gone very fast this year. We hope you all had a great time with your family. Interesting phone  enquires this year about how to choose a good mirror from the gentlemen of the household wishing to buy a beautiful gift for their partners.
  I can offer some information that may help the man of the house make a good choice if they decide to go it alone and surprise their partner with a magnifying mirror as a gift. Whilst the choice of finish for magnifying mirrors Chrome, Gold or Satin Nickel may first be considered, generally as a partner you will know what she likes if not have a look at what the tap or bathroom fixtures are in the house.

Choosing a style is the next consideration. Do you think she would like a bathroom vanity magnifying mirror or a wall mounted magnifying mirror, or makeup travel mirror. Is there enough room on the vanity for a free standing mirror? Do you have a good place in the bathroom to mount a wall mounted model? If it's a lighted magnifying mirror you are considering then is there a power point close by?

Finally when travelling have you heard your partner wish for a better mirror to put makeup on. Perhaps she may not want a permanent magnifying mirror in the bathroom at all and can be happy with the power suction models that can cover all aspects. There are many that have both a wall mounted model and a power suction that can be used for travel, or permanent.

The biggest issue is what magnification? That would be the number one question we receive. Realistically it does not matter what magnification your mirror is. It is only a matter of what you get used to. As a general guide line if your partner wears strong glasses or is a little more aged then the 8x or 10x models are the best. For the biggest part of our population a middle of the road arrangement that works is the 5x models. For those who don't like a lot of magnification then a 3x will do fine. The only variation here for all the magnifications are how far your face is away from the mirror before you get perfect focus.
After using the mirror for a week it will become as normal as looking in your large mirror in the bathroom.

Another question that gets raised is, are all double sided mirrors standard magnification (1x) on one side and magnified on the other? Yes all magnifying mirrors made have only one side magnified and the other is always standard.

The final decision is a lighted or non-lighted mirror.  A lighted mirror works best in a bathroom that does not have the best level of brightness in the room or the globes that light your bathroom are behind you. Lighting behind you throws a shadow on the face making it more difficult to get your makeup just right. The lighting in a magnifying mirror is meant only to light your face up and not the whole bathroom as some have suggested. If you choose a travel model then it is just a choice if you think lighting is needed or not. The trick with the power suction models is you attach them to any window while travelling and get natural light.

Well I hope this article is of some use to the gentlemen who wish to surprise their partners.

Remember to keep smiling, work on your 2015 plan and do your best.