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Magnifying Mirror Buying Issues

Posted by Debbie on 30 June 2016

Hi everyone something a little different today about magnifying mirrors from our Phone support staff. They reveal some of the feedback when talking with our customers these last few months and well worth relating here in this post today.

The one comment that shows up is "gee you're expensive" when we look at the other online shops.
It becomes apparent very quickly after talking through with the caller about what they looked at, they have missed some vital considerations. Things like will the lighted magnifying mirror even work in this country? Is it in stock? Who do I call if I have a problem? How good is the quality? How long does it take before I receive it?

Generally we remind them the price for our magnifying mirrors is all inclusive meaning the product, packing posting/shipping and GST with nothing extra to pay. As the conversation goes along there are some vital points being missed.
Many people don't realise they are on an American site so prices are in US dollars. Worse still if they want to purchase a Lighted mirror there is a plethora of American and Chinese sites that sell only mirrors made with 110 volt wiring. MHB lighted mirrors have all been made especially for Australia who has 240 volts of power coming through the power point. With that many people never check that the mirror is 240 volt and some do buy the cheaper 110 volt model and use a converter and wonder why the mirror burns out or catches fire. Twice the amount of power going through any electrical device always leads to a disaster.

Sites like eBay and Fishpond are notorious for selling incorrect electrical models for Australia. Both have warnings but still allow them to be listed and sold with many sellers generally uncontactable over the phone. Price is certainly not everything however it is a very strong lure.

My Health and Beauty has a collection magnifying mirror models sourced and specified from the best manufactures all in the one location and we actually hold the stock in a warehouse. If you saw a particular model in our online shop when you were browsing and it no longer appears then we are out of stock and it will reappear when goods are back in the warehouse ready for dispatch. Unlike many online stores that do leave their stock online and allow the transaction to go through will take your money and then send an email saying it's out of stock but it  will be in soon. This type of transaction is an inconvenience and a disappointment to you.

The irony of all of this how many of those online stores display a phone number where you can pick up the phone and ask a question immediately with someone who sources, tests and trial every model. Even if you can find a number to ring you likely get a person on the other end that has no idea. With My Health and Beauty our phone people can handle every enquiry. Things like advice on what magnification may work for a person, anything about any model from a dimension to its color. Perhaps there is a problem, not able to use the website to buy, spare part needed and much more. 
Our strongest quality is being as fast as we can to get the order out. We believe when you buy you should have the goods in your hand as quick as possible. Hence if we receive and order before 1.30pm then goods get express posted on the same day as purchase. 
I hope thats helpful information for you and most importantly it goes for many purchases online not just magnifying mirrors.
Tax time oh joy remember just keep smiling

Until next time Deb

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