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Magnifying Mirrors Phone Queries

Posted by Debra on 5 April 2017

Hi everyone today's post is touching base on some of the common questions we receive on our magnifying mirror range over the phone.

Actually whilst writing this a common comment by those who call us say it's fantastic to be able to pick up the phone and talk to somebody. They get the right information clarification on their query and some guidance if needed. Next time you're online looking for an item check to see if it's possible to actually talk to somebody, even better, if they are qualified you may save yourself a lot of angst if things go wrong.

A surprisingly common question received is can you put the wall mounted mirrors inside a shower cubicle? Funnily enough the customer often phrases the question a different way by asking if the mirror rusts. The answer obviously is No these mirrors should not be mounted in the shower.
They are fitted with real glass that can shatter if hit with hot water. If someone slips in the shower they may reach out for something to steady themselves with only the magnifying mirror within reach. It can pull the mirror off the wall, the glass will break and possibly hit you on the top of the leg or foot with serious cuts resulting. The mirror will rust if it gets wet every day as it's manufactured from steel with a chrome, nickel or gold finish. In a standard situation where the mirror is located in a normally ventilated bathroom then damage to the surface finish does not become an issue.

To make it easy we do have two models specifically made to mount inside the shower those being the Z850 and the ZW20SS.

For those not understanding the terminology direct wired and hard wired mean the same thing. Our HL8 series halo lighted magnifying mirror is our manufactured direct wired model. Direct wired means an electrician is required to wire the mirror into the power system of the house. These mirrors come complete with the on/off switch on the wall mounting base plate.  The HL7 series mirrors sometimes referred to as plug and play when you just need to plug the short white curly cord into a nearby power point. 

Please don't take any notice of the images you see online or in our brochures when trying to work out if it's a direct wired model or not the power lead in the image or on the brochure has been photo shopped out to make a cleaner image.
Some customers have called to say their mirror is not the same color as the brochure. When looking at the brochures customers sometimes choose a mirror based on the look or color of the image. When photographing mirrors, the reflective surfaces pick up the surrounding light and as a result the image looks a different color than it actually is. The best guide we can give you is to look at the code and the last letter gives the mirror finish. All codes are printed beside the image on the brochure. For example 7808N meaning it's a nickel finish conversely C for Chrome a G for Gold on other mirrors.

We often get suggestions on what magnification do you suggest. This is a tough one not knowing each person's circumstance. As a general rule if you wear glasses then you will need the higher magnifications from 7x upwards. The middle of the road magnification most common is the 5x so if you are not sure we would start here. Keep in mind a magnification mirror is like a new pair of glasses it will take a couple of use for your eyes to adjust.

With special regard to the large magnifications such as the 10X or the 15X the customer needs to know that to use the mirror, their face needs to be around 10cm or 4 inches back from the mirror surface. This is so the face does not appear distorted but rather gives a clean close up of the face. These mirrors will show every pore or if there are eyelash issues then they become much larger and easy to see.

Whilst we don't actually say so on the site Myhealthandbeauty magnifying mirrors have a range of spare parts available which cover everything from chrome and gold nuts, halo glass mirror for the 3x and 5x range, spare brackets even antifog glass cleaner to give your magnifying mirror that crystal clear finish.
Hopefully you have gained a new insight into magnifying mirror issues that will resolve anything you may have queried about.

Thats it for this week remember if its growth your looking for in your life look outside your comfort zone - My Mantra for the week.

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