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Makeup Mirror With Lights

Posted by Debra on 28 September 2015

Do you have a Makeup mirror with lights is one of the most asked questions we receive online and over the phone.
Hi it's Deb again with some good ideas to help you with Lighted Makeup mirrors of which we have several in our range from the purse models, to travel models and finally the wall mounted and vanity models.

All have their own unique uses and the first thing that comes to mind for me is you really need at least two makeup mirrors. One that's stays in the bathroom and one that can go with you either when you're travelling or just a daily use model in your purse. When out travelling, shopping or racing from meeting to meeting a lighted makeup mirror is indispensable.

Preferably something that's bigger than the small compacts we used to use and fortunately these days Zadro has come to the rescue with the LEDT01 lighted makeup mirror. It folds out quickly and easily into many positions has two LED lighted mirrors one magnified mirror and one not magnified but both have a halo light you can turn on and off individually. Whilst most bathrooms in public buildings have reasonable light it's when you need to dash from the car into a meeting and you need to check you're looking your best this makeup mirror with lights is at its best.

If you have more room in your bag or just want to leave a makeup mirror in the car or office drawer, maybe you are travelling then the ULT111 is fantastic. I love its size with two fold out makeup mirrors, the bottom unit magnified and lighted. This is a really steady unit as I said the size does it for me at 14cm which is just perfect. It does fold down flat however the best part is because the base is nice and sturdy it will extend out 40cm so that makes it an all-round useful makeup mirror with light available here in Australia.

I can't go past the LEDPSC110 lighted power suction makeup mirror when travelling for the main reason is its so light and so handy to just suction on to a mirror or glass or tiles when you're in some strange hotel with poor lighting and only one mirror. I really hate waiting for my husband who is also in the bathroom and I can't use a mirror. It's just so easy to pull out this lighted makeup magnifying mirror turn the dial and it suctions onto the wall and I have a mirror I can see with and put my makeup on without my glasses. I use it with the light on when it's too dark but my favorite is to suction it to the window or glass door and use it with natural light.

There are just too many to discuss here but our wall mounted makeup mirrors with lights are excellent from the view we offer direct wired models, or Plug in models and the cordless models.
All different magnifications with 3x, 5x, 8x some single side others double sided for a nice range that all are made for here in Australia no crazy electrical voltage adapters needed. 
I can't finish this article without mentioning when buying online as a way of protection for you look for a phone number you can ring if you need to. Can you return goods here in Australia? Is the delivery going to be fast? Just little things to be reminded of instead of buying on price.

Never forget that huge smile everyday