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New LED Halo Lighted Travel Mirror

Posted on 20 May 2013

  Hi everyone Deb again, I’m excited to tell you we have just landed our brand new Halo Lighted 5x magnified travel mirror.  How fantastic is it to finally    have a mirror of decent size with a light in it that actually works and folds away into a neat travel pouch.

My sister loves   hers so much she keeps it in the glove box of her car so she never gets caught out.

If you do go to the effort of looking for a lighted travel mirror you will find it’s not easy to get a travel mirror until now that is LED and lights up, has a large diameter and 5x magnification, adjustable stand that works perfectly sitting on your vanity or folds away as a travel mirror.
This LED Halo lighted magnifying mirror stands 18cm including the stand in height comes with an easy clean chrome finish and folds down flat to fit in the black velvet drawstring travel pouch.

This new halo lighted magnifying mirror has an over all diameter of 15cm and the mirror itself is 13cm so it’s a very useable size. This lighted travel mirror uses lights up with energy-saving LED bulbs that illuminate your entire face, allowing you to see the finest details in even the dimmest lighting.
The LED halo light with halo meaning the outer rim of the mirror throws a nice gentle glow on your face really giving you the best benefit as many bathrooms do not have great lighting.

These energy saving bulbs use 70% less power than normal  bulbs and is the reason when using the  3 AAA  batteries then you can expect 1 -2 years battery life.
Because of its versatility it also fits on those small vanities with ease. So if you are travelling or just at home then this is the ideal companion.

Having two magnifying lighted travel mirrors in the range the Zadro LEDTO1 which is a 10x magnification. It is also compact enough to fit in your bag and now the new JKLEDT5X with a half the magnification at 5x for those who don’t like the strength of 10x leaves you spoiled for choice which is just the way we like it to be. Two distinct styles both very practical and the ideal travel companion.

Well I hope you like our new offer and come back occasionally as we have another exciting model in the pipeline under production now. This model has come about because of your requests. We welcome such feedback and will continue to grow our range through your ideas and requests.

Until next time – Remember to smile and have a great week


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