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Fogless Magnifying Mirror

Posted by Debra on 22 August 2013

Fogless magnifying mirror for your shower who would have thought this just 10 years ago,

Hi Its Debra and today I will cover why its not smart to put a standard wall mount magnifying mirror in your show.
There have been a lot of instances where people who don’t really think about it and mount their mirror on the wall inside the shower cubicle.

Hot water spraying in the wrong direction can make the glass crack and fall out. Sometimes it’s easy to slip  in the shower and your natural reflex will have you reaching for something to stop yourself falling, it’s very easy to break the glass and have it hitting you some where on the body. A nasty dangerous blood loss can be the result. The standard magnifying mirrors are not made to be covered in water and steam – they rust very quickly as most mirrors are manufactured with steel and then chrome plated.

Please only ever put a magnifying mirror that’s designed and designated for use in your shower cubicle. A true shower mirror does not use glass they use mostly poly carbonate which does not shatter when it’s dropped. Add to that the surface of the mirror is treated to prevent it fogging up, something the standard mirror cannot do.

Our fantastic Zadro fogless lighted magnified shower mirror is perfect for the job.
The Z’Fogless™ Adjustable Magnification LED Lighted Mirror features a patented hydrophobic coating to repel water and keep it completely fog-free no matter how steamy the environment. Plus, its unique adjustable magnification control cycles between 1X and 5X simply by rotating the mirror head. The 1X magnification is great for all-around viewing needs while the 5X magnification is perfect for getting up close and personal when shaving smaller, sensitive areas of your face.

The perfect shave requires the perfect conditions. Dermatologists recommend shaving, cleansing, and exfoliating your skin in the shower. The hot water and steam allows your hair and skin to soften so that the razor can shave more efficiently avoiding that painful tugging, pulling, and razor burn.

No matter how dim the environment, the LED surround light evenly illuminates your face for a fuller, brighter reflection. Built into this brilliant shower mirror is a place to hang your razor, LCD clock so your not late for work. Best of all it easily mounts to most any smooth surface via suction cups, hanging cord, or double-sided tape which is included in the mounting kit.

The shower water will not affect the stylish  sleek silver finish.

Having a mirror such this Zadro z850 fogless mirror is a much better option that putting a standard magnifying mirror in the shower.
You have a light which the standard one does not, it will not break if it falls down, A place to hang the razor and see the time is just the best thing when you’re in a hurry.

Best part is the z850 cost less to buy than the standard magnifying mirror.

In a perfect environment, the fogless mirror should stay fogless forever.  However, external factors such as hard water build-up, airborne oils can reduce the “fogless” effect. To revert your mirror back to an “out of the box” state, clean the mirror surface with a non-ammonia cleaner, like our Z’Fogless Spray a non-abrasive cloth.
Do not clean the mirror with Windex or any other ammonia based cleaner, as it will destroy the “fogless” coating on the mirror.

Well I hope that helps until next time
Keep smiling!


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Magnifying Mirror 10x - JP120

Posted by Debra on 15 August 2013

Magnifying Mirror 10x Wall Mounted is another common question we get these days.

Hi its Debra
And today I will give you some information on our Magnifying 10x wall mounted mirror.

Age does tend to creep up on us and we hate to admit but a bit help would not go astray when you want to put your makeup on or put your contact lenses in. For some of us it gets even harder if you already wear glasses and you need to take them off to put your makeup on. Well this fantastic 10x magnified mirror we guarantee will make your life easier.

It’s like being able to see again.

At this point I should warn you of two things once you have and used a 10x magnifying mirror you will never go back to anything else AND if you have never used a 10x mirror before it can be confronting if your eye sight is not so poor.

When using this mirror your face will be just 4 inches or 10 cm away from the surface so your image in the mirror is not distorted. Many people think you can stand back in any position and it just gives you a bigger version of your face thinking it will make it easier to put makeup on.

This lifesaving magnifying mirror 10x wall mounted will extend out 32cm from the wall. Our JP120 10x wall mount is of the highest quality comes only in a chrome finish currently with the possibility it will come soon with the gold finish. This mirror itself can be positioned from sided to side 180 degrees, is double sided and by turning the mirror you can have either 10x magnification for close up attention  or 1x to see that all is in order before you walk out the door.

As always I like to give you the space requirement for the magnifying mirror so you can plan the best place to put it. These dimensions can be used should you wish to place the mirror inside a cabinet which has become more popular these days. This mirror will fold back flat against the wall so its neat and tidy the dimensions are as follows with the unit folded back into the smallest possible configuration  32cm high x 26cm wide and 3cm deep.

Mounting this magnifying mirror on the wall is the easiest of all with two screws provided, they should be screwed directly into timber located behind the plaster or if you have a tiled surface then drill the holes and put plastic plugs in then screw your screws into the plugs.

Because we have had enquiries I need to remind you do not mount the mirror inside the shower cubicle. The mirror is real glass and can shatter easily should hot water hit the surface or if you slip and grab for the mirror on instinct it can be very dangerous. Broken glass inside a shower cubicle can result in a nasty cut. The mirrors are made from steel for strength but will rust when continuously doused in shower water. Chrome, Gold, or Brass plating will not prevent steel from rusting when they get wet with shower water everyday.

A normal mounting in a bathroom will see your mirror last for a long time with the only action you need to do is keep you mirror nice and clean which can be done with a soft rag.

The JP120 magnifying mirror 10x is a quality buy and should last a lifetime.

Until next time remember a smile costs nothing.



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Magnifying Mirror with Light, Direct wired and Wall Mounted.

Posted by Debra on 13 August 2013

Magnifying Mirror with lights - Hi its Debra again it the question we get most when people make enquiries so hopefully this post will help you through any question you may have.

At last a magnifying mirror with light that is manufactured in direct wired 240 volt configuration for Australia. We call it our HL8 direct wired model  some people call it hard wired lighted wall mounted magnifying mirror.

This is the only model in our range that has been specifically manufactured as a direct wired model. To explain direct wire or hard wired depends what side of the fence you’re from. Either way direct wired or hard wired means that the mirror does not come with a curly cord.

The plugin version comes with the curly cord which will plug into a nearby power point.

The HL8 is manufactured so that cable that powers the light in the mirror, comes from the back of the wall plate and can be wired to the inside of the wall connecting directly to the house circuit. It requires connection by an electrician making it completely concealed. This is what hotels normally do with these mirrors, aesthetically it looks cleaner with no cables hanging about and it makes the mirror harder to remove from the wall by some less than ideal guests.
We notice these day’s people are putting the direct wired model into their homes as a matter of style as a fixed piece in the bathroom.

The one main question we get is how do you turn the light on and off?  The on off switch is mounted on the backing plate and it’s a push button type for ease of use and easier to see.
The direct wired HL8 magnifying mirror is manufactured by Jerdon in the US and is the Halo light design.
Halo light simply means the outer edge of the mirror is treated so it lets the light through in a gentle diffused manner. It uses a 15 watt incandescent warm white globe which has shown to give the best natural light on your face when using the mirror.

Lighting is most bathrooms is an issue as the position of the overhead light fittings either throws a shadow over you face or the light bounces of the standard wall mirror found in most bathrooms. Either way it makes it very difficult to do such things as put makeup on, pop your contact lenses in or attend to any eyelash issues. With the halo mirror its light reaches every part of your face including under your eyebrows through light coming on the face from every possible angle. If you have a dark bathroom then application of makeup can be difficult, this mirror will solve that issue forever.

There have been some questions about being able to replace the globe. The direct wired HL8 comes with a spare globe in the packaging and is still ready available in the lighting stores however My Health and Beauty carries spares globes and parts for all mirrors at all times. Under normal usage in your home we expect that the globes will last up to 3 years. Speaking of spare parts we also carry the spare mirrors to refit back into the housing should one get accidently broken.

The  direct wired HL8 magnifying mirror with light  comes in 3x magnification and soon to be in 5x  with a Chrome configuration finish.. For those who want to place the mirror inside a cupboard then the following dimensions maybe of use. The widest point when the mirror is folded back against the wall is 26cm Height 25cm and the depth when folded back as far as it will go to the wall is 12cm.
Well I hope that will answer some of your questions for now on the direct wired HL8 model

Until next time - remember to smile and have a great day












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Posted by Debra on 3 July 2013

Hi its Deb certainly has been a long time since my last post. This is because everyone here at MHB has been working hard to bring you only the best products and we take notice of what you say.

This week after a very long wait we have finally landed the new HL85C direct wired wall mount magnifying mirror. It’s finally been made with a 5x magnification; we know that will make many of you very happy. It’s has all the same specifications in terms of diameter, halo light, 40cm extension, easy clean chrome finish.

For those that have not heard of direct wire before it simply means that there is no plug and the mirror has been set up so that your electrician can mount it on the bathroom wall and connect directly to the house wiring. That way you no not have to have a power point and a curly cord as the other models do. I guess it’s the minimalist look that some search for these days. It’s often found in hotels bathrooms but seems to have made its way of late to new houses that want style and convenience.

Likely in the next shipment MHB will land the new LED versions of the wall mount mirrors, with one model in particular we like and have had feedback over is an 8x magnification version which will really help those who need a stronger mirror when they remove their glasses. We would expect that it's at least 12 weeks away for this lighted magnifying mirror shipment so we will be sure to let you know as soon as they land.

On another note Australia post has recently raised their parcel postage rates which we unfortunately will have to pass on I was told the head of Australia post was an ex bank manager so I guess rate increases will always be on the cards in the hunt for profits.
Well its only a short post today, I know there are other items coming through and a little early to announce just yet.

As always don't forget to smile and have a great week.


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New LED Halo Lighted Travel Mirror

Posted on 20 May 2013

  Hi everyone Deb again, I’m excited to tell you we have just landed our brand new Halo Lighted 5x magnified travel mirror.  How fantastic is it to finally    have a mirror of decent size with a light in it that actually works and folds away into a neat travel pouch.

My sister loves   hers so much she keeps it in the glove box of her car so she never gets caught out.

If you do go to the effort of looking for a lighted travel mirror you will find it’s not easy to get a travel mirror until now that is LED and lights up, has a large diameter and 5x magnification, adjustable stand that works perfectly sitting on your vanity or folds away as a travel mirror.
This LED Halo lighted magnifying mirror stands 18cm including the stand in height comes with an easy clean chrome finish and folds down flat to fit in the black velvet drawstring travel pouch.

This new halo lighted magnifying mirror has an over all diameter of 15cm and the mirror itself is 13cm so it’s a very useable size. This lighted travel mirror uses lights up with energy-saving LED bulbs that illuminate your entire face, allowing you to see the finest details in even the dimmest lighting.
The LED halo light with halo meaning the outer rim of the mirror throws a nice gentle glow on your face really giving you the best benefit as many bathrooms do not have great lighting.

These energy saving bulbs use 70% less power than normal  bulbs and is the reason when using the  3 AAA  batteries then you can expect 1 -2 years battery life.
Because of its versatility it also fits on those small vanities with ease. So if you are travelling or just at home then this is the ideal companion.

Having two magnifying lighted travel mirrors in the range the Zadro LEDTO1 which is a 10x magnification. It is also compact enough to fit in your bag and now the new JKLEDT5X with a half the magnification at 5x for those who don’t like the strength of 10x leaves you spoiled for choice which is just the way we like it to be. Two distinct styles both very practical and the ideal travel companion.

Well I hope you like our new offer and come back occasionally as we have another exciting model in the pipeline under production now. This model has come about because of your requests. We welcome such feedback and will continue to grow our range through your ideas and requests.

Until next time – Remember to smile and have a great week


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