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Magnifying Mirror Updated model the 2027c

Posted by Debra on 28 March 2017

Hi everyone Deb here with an update on one of our magnifying mirror models.
The ever popular 2028C scissor arm magnifying mirror has received an update
after 16 years.
The design of this scissor arm magnifying mirror has been around for many years and reminds us of something you would find in the grand old hotels of the 20's.

The standout design feature of this mirror is the scissor arm action that allows it to extend out from the wall. Jerdon have gone away from the 4x magnification and upgraded it to a 7x magnification. The new model designation is now 2027C. That's a very good mid-range magnification in a large diameter mirror.

This wall mounted model will extend out from the wall further than any other model on the market and with a reach of 60cm. The wall mount bracket has sufficient strength also to allow the mirror to move or swing from left to right 180 degrees. To add to the versatility the mirror itself is double sided and by simply turning the mirror itself you can have either 7x magnification to get close up on what you're doing or 1x to just check everything is in order before you leave.

There has been a trend of late where customers like to mount their magnifying mirror inside a cabinet. With that in mind and in terms of a space requirement the scissor arm magnifying mirror will fold back flat against the wall with the overall dimensions being 41cm high and 235cm. These are the highest and widest points.

We are not really sure of the reason however  it's this model that gets continually mounted inside shower cubicles and so a word of warning do not mount the mirror inside the shower cubicle. The mirror is made from glass and a real chance of shattering should hot water hit the surface or you slip and grab for the mirror on instinct. Not only that the metal scissor arm will rust. Chrome, Gold, or Brass plating will not prevent steel from rusting.

Lots of enquiries coming through the phone of late regarding stock and delivery times. It worth repeating here at My Health and Beauty the team go out of their way to be as fast as possible from the time you order till you receive your order. We know other online sites are not as particular on this point.
We are reliant on Australia post and Star Track who are reasonable most of the time. Other times they can be shocking including this week alone it took 3 times for customer to get her mirror with the first one arriving smashed after something heavy was dropped on it. We replaced it only to find the second never arrived at all and is still lost and the third unit has been sent and arrived safely in one piece.

For those enquiring if we have stock, if you can see a magnifying mirror on our site it is in stock when we reach zero stock the item comes off the site meaning you can't see it until restock. Once again we know there are many sites who will sell anything, take the money and apologize later this is not best practice and only pushes customers away from online purchasing.

Finally let me say that you can feel much more comfortable when a phone number is given and you can actually talk to somebody. I know our liaison person Greg does a great job and answers all manner questions to help the customers. I guess that's a great check point for you the customer is if the site has no phone number to ring to talk to somebody or if it's an overseas site with no chance to ask a question then maybe you might be better off avoiding them.  

Thats all from me today .
Remember to keep smiling and just do the best you can each day.




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3 New LED Lighted Magnifying Mirrors about to Land

Posted by Debbie on 8 November 2016

 Hi everyone Deb here and as promised in my last post I would give you an update on three new LED lighted mirrors we have added to the range. They are currently on the water and should land in the warehouse at the start of December.

I won't revisit all the details of each model here but will provide link where you can see the mirrors and read all details that help you make a decision.

Having received requests to bring a 15x magnification model for those who have eyelid eyelash issues we think the new LED Lighted 15x spot mirror JKLED15X  will be perfect for the job. This 15X LED Lighted Spot Mirror features optical quality glass to ensure a clearer reflection of your true self.

The 15X magnification is ideal for touch-ups, detail, and everyday make-up application.
No matter how dim the environment, the powerfully bright, surround lighted LED evenly illuminates any area of your face. And because of the energy-saving LED technology, it's able to run on batteries for an extensive amount of time.
The versatile and ergonomic design makes it perfect for compact on-the-go travel in your purse or carry-on. Plus, it easily mounts to most any smooth, flat surface via suction cups so you can view yourself and apply make-up completely hands-free. So keep in mind we have two different models the 15x and a 10x version JKLED10X  both lighted and color styled.

Some of you may remember we have been selling super stylish JK48 8X vanity mirror for some time now. It's always been popular as a vanity model with its bigger magnification. This magnifying mirror has now become available also as an LED lighted duel sided mirror the JKLED48.

Cordless in operation as it runs on 4 AAA batteries that will last. Means you can walk round the house because it's completely portable. With LED bulbs using 70% less energy than normal bulbs the batteries have an extended life. Size of the mirror is very good with a halo mirror diameter of 16.5 cm. Overall height is 31cm just right to sit on your vanity not adding to the clutter.

  It does come in a Satin nickel finish which looks like lightly polished stainless steel. Its finish does not work for everybody however the redeeming quality of Satin Nickel is does not leave finger marks when you move it into position as the chrome models do.  

That's it short and sweet for this post. Christmas is coming quickly and as soon a stock arrives it will be crazy as the warehouse boy's pack and send each day. You can pre order any of the magnifying mirrors on the site and you will be then guaranteed to receive your order within a day or so once they land in the warehouse.

Giving a gift like a magnifying mirror will show that you really are thoughtful and caring about the receiver of your special gift.
Remember to keep smiling and just do the best you can each day.



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New LED Lighted Portable Magnifying Mirror By Jerdon

Posted by Debbie on 18 August 2016

Hi everyone Deb here with an update and a review of our newest product from Jerdon.
It's great to have a new model onboard although it will not be available for another 4 weeks. It will bring a different type of magnifying mirror into consideration. This model has a large lighted non magnified surface to use and then for the delicate eye work the adjustable 10x spot mirror comes into play.
New for Australia from Jerdon the simple elegantly styled JS811W is a mirror unlike anything we have in our current lineup. The two most notable things about this mirror when you see it for the first time is the size and the movable spot mirror. The actual mirror dimensions are 20cm wide by 27cm high with spot mirror being 7.5cm in diameter. This size makes it a breeze to use and easy to walk around the house for a good natural light location.  LED lighted and using just 4 AA batteries make this the perfect mirror to use almost anywhere. Easy to travel with by folding it down and packs nicely into your suitcase. Sometimes the natural light is the best for using the mirror; so on those bright days natural light and when inside or it's darker then use the LED Lights. Whilst the big mirror is not magnified but importantly it is lighted with the size being just right. Adjust the spot mirror with 10x magnification now allows you to get your eye makeup just right. The spot mirror can move up and down and side to side or when you're finished with it can fold around the back out of the way.

You will also notice the embedded LED globes in the mirror distribute the light evenly to give a bright clean reflection. The on off switch is located on the back of the mirror to give the front that clean look. The LED globes are cool to touch so there are no hot surfaces to worry about. You may already know that LED lights use very little power and so that means gentle usage on the batteries that will last a long time.
The main body of the mirror will also tilt on the stand plus Jerdon have provided a handy tray for your tweezers or make brush and products to sit in.

Of course we know that Jerdon Style has earned a reputation for excellence in the beauty industry with its broad range of travel, wall and vanity style cosmetic mirrors. Jerdon has been a leading provider to the finest hotels, resorts, cruise ships and spas worldwide and continues to evolve with and shape how stylists envision beauty and fashion.

Just a quick stock update we are currently missing some product lines from the site as you know when we are out of stock we prefer to remove from view to help you avoid disappointment by paying and then finding no stock available.
We expect to receive more stock over the coming weeks and they will reappear on the site so keep your eyes open. The direct wired models will be the first back in stock the HL8 and HL85 and we expect the LED110 out portable 10x magnification lighted power suction soon after. As soon as they get close they will appear back in the shop.

Well until next time stay well and keep intouch as we find and bring new and different magnifing mirrors for you to consider. Remember to brighten someones day with your best smile. Deb


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New Cosmetic Travel Lighted Magnifying Mirror

Posted by Debra on 11 June 2015

Magnifying Mirror  Hi everyone it's Deb here with news of a new addition to our unique growing range of Magnifying mirrors from Zadro.

 A compact dual 10x and 1x LED lighted magnifying mirror that folds down so you can put in the draw at work or place in your purse or luggage

 Uniquely accessible are the words Zadro uses to describe this  magnifying mirror with the model going very well in the US as an office gem or travel mirror.

 As you can see by the image it's so handy to pop out onto the desk at work and take a quick check to see all is in order.

 This model has the best of both worlds with two mirrors and two different magnifications to choose from; doing your hair and make-up has never been easier.  Zadro's LED Lighted Make-Up Mirror features two high quality glass mirrors to ensure a clearer reflection of your true self. One mirror features 10X magnification, which is great for touch-ups, detail, and make-up application. The other mirror has 1X magnification, which is perfect for all-around hairstyling, cosmetics, and everything in between. Mirror dimension is 14cm or 5.5 inches across.

No matter how dim the environment, the surround lighted LED lights are sure to illuminate any area of your face eliminating the shadows so you can apply your makeup perfectly. Using just 4 AA batteries and the energy-saving LED halo lighting technology, it's able to run with the batteries for an extensive amount of time.

The LED Lighted Make-Up Mirror easily opens into an upright standing position for hands-free make-up application. Most surprisingly so you don't have to hunch over or stoop to low, as the mirror opens up to 40cm or 16inches At full height and folds down to a very flat 4cm or 1.5 inches. The sleek, fold-up and swivel head design allows it to collapse into a compact size for travel portability that will fit neatly in your purse, carryon luggage or the glove compartment in the car. It comes in a beautiful translucent Ivory finish that is very easy to keep clean.

Zadro being very clever people have also made this mirror so it can be wall mountable.
Sometimes when we are on the run, time becomes very important to which Zadro have include a Digital clock in the base of the unit that comes complete with an alarm that you can turn easily on or off with the flick of a switch.

This mirror is currently being shipped and we expect will be in stock in 4 weeks, it will appear on the site under travel mirrors category the moment it goes into the warehouse.
We have due in the same shipment the LEDT01 Lighted purse mirror and new stock of the LEDMW45 wall mounted cordless magnifying mirror.

Remember always to work on your life plan, take care and always have a smile on your face the world will be a better place.


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New Arrival Cordless LED Wall Mount Magnifying Mirror

Posted by Debbie on 10 March 2015

Hi everyone Deb here, it's been to long since my last article that's because we have some new and wonderful models coming into the system after a very long wait. We have great news and it's been a long time coming, landing  this week our Cordless LED Halo lighted wall mount mirror powered by batteries. This solves a problem for those having difficulty putting a magnifying mirror in a bathroom that had a power point in the wrong place.

The entry price point for a LED halo lighted mirror is significantly lower than those made for Australian 240volt power. The question on many minds is how long do the batteries last? Well because this mirror uses energy saving LED lighting which consumes 70% less than normal globe mirrors a set of 4 AA batteries will last 2 years. One of the key features of this mirror is the auto off timer which adds convenience and saves your battery power if you walk out and leave the light on.

The timer will time out after 5 minutes.

This magnifying mirror is double sided with 5x on one side being great for touchups, detail and makeup application while on the side 1x being for perfect for all round hairstyling, cosmetics and anything else in between. If your bathroom is a dim environment the LEDs are powerful enough to illuminate your face and not have a bright light shine in your eyes.
This mirror comes with optical quality glass to ensure a clearer reflection of your face. The mounting will allow the mirror to rotate 360 degrees into any position that work for the user. This mirror has smaller dimensions that will work for many who do not require the bigger lighted models. The actual mirror size is 5.5 inches or 14cm across with the overall measurement including the body of the mirror being 7 inches 17.5 cm wide.

The mirror pivots on two arms that will extend out 9.5inches or 24cm from the wall and once finished with will fold neatly flat back against the wall. The mirror comes in satin nickel finish which is like polished stainless steel to look at. The best part about satin nickel finish is it does not show the finger marks like the chrome or gold models do. This is the most requested finish currently in vogue in the US.
This Cordless mirror is the very latest design that is just right for those who take care of how they look when stepping out stylish, practical, high quality the MWLED45.

Remember to take care and always have a smile on your face the world will be a better place


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