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Apr 18 2022
Where is that Magnifying Mirror, You Saw on the site? He...

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Where is my Magnifying Mirror?

Posted by Debra on 18 April 2022

Where is that Magnifying Mirror, You Saw on the site?

Hello everyone, I think it's time to let everyone know again if you can’t find the magnifying mirror you searched for on the My Health and Beauty site you are not going mad! Hi, it's Deb again wanting to let you know we only put the mirror range that is in stock on the site. If the warehouse notifies us of no stock, then that model is then removed until it comes back into stock. We are mindful and do not want to disappoint our customers by taking payments and then having to advise there is no stock.   We are like the rest of the country having freight issues regarding the timing it takes to import the goods. That can be up to 6 months for just the one shipment by sea and 8 weeks even when flying stock across. Prices accordingly have been set to cover the current overseas shipping which will settle down. Currently, our electric models like the HL85C, LED88C, and HL75C are in short supply however they will come back into stock. The mirrors will be put back online as soon as we have the arrival date. Last month we flew stock across with some models like the wall-mounted JP7506C and the JP7808 are updated with the side screws being engineered out. The 5x and 8x magnifying mirrors have a whole new look and are very practical as side screws over the long term tend to fall off and get lost.
Whilst vanity magnifying mirrors are not as popular as they used to be check out the new finishes available on the gunmetal or rose gold finishes, they look very smart. Don’t forget the best feature of a vanity mirror is you can take it anywhere around the house and get the very best natural light from any window so you can see your complexion very clearly – something you can’t do with a wall mount mirror. We also want you to know that we pack and post the same day as your order which generally means if Australia post is on track, you should receive your parcel within 3 or 4 days at the very worst. The team at wants to ensure you have a good experience and making sure customers receive their purchase as fast as possible is part of the plan. Please don't leave it for two weeks before you call. Our systems can get to the issue very quickly why your purchase has not been received.


  I hope you have enjoyed this small piece of advice.
  Remember Keep smiling have fun and do the best
  you can every day.


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