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Facial Treatment > Face Massager > Zadro Eye & Temple Massager
Zadro Eye & Temple Massager

Zadro Eye & Temple Massager

Product Code: EYE01
Electronic Eye and Temple Massager worn as a Mask. Price includes Express Post and GST
Price:AUD $


 At last relieve pressure and stress of todays fast paced life. Take the time to relax and chill out this massager is almost as good as a holiday.

Ideal for relieving headaches, insomnia, great for Relieving the tired eyes or eye stress  from driving or looking at the computer all day, reading.

Getting rid of that  facial strain is now very easy. Its likely a lot better on your pocket that a bottle of wine every night. 


Additional Info:

If you like to meditate to take away the built up stress of the day then imagine sitting in your favorite chair with the mask on gently soothing away the headeaches of the day, awake completely refreshed to take on your next challenge.

There is next to nothing on the market like this head massager.Having a massage done by others costs plenty now you can have as many as you like in the comfort of your own home without the high cost.

Key Features

  • Worn as a mask over your eyes and temple region. 

  • 11 Different vibration settings

  • Two heat settings

  • 5 Different air pressure for microcirculation

  • Complete with earphones for 6 different soothing sounds